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Your next Yin Yoga Workshop @ TYC6th May 2017

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 Yin Workshops @ TYC 

Sue Furey

 Saturday May 6th-1.00 to 3.30 pm

Cost: $30 per class 

Yin yoga can assist you to open up & breathe well as you deepen into some of the areas in the body that feel consistently ‘tight and stuck’.

Because Yin poses are primarily static & held for longer periods than asana in a normal hatha yoga class, you can really feel the stretch & sensations that arise & YOU can learn to  control how deeply you go into the sensation of that stretch.

 (Fasciae are similar to ligaments and tendons as they have collagen as their major component. They differ in their location and function: ligaments join one bone to another bone, tendons join muscle & fasciae surround muscles or other structures.)

If you have any  queries or want to resigter email Sue:  fureys@kinect.co.nz

For online payment Account no is: 38-9004-0840024-00- or pay on the day


Due to weather BOTH Thursday evening classes are cancelled

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NO classes at TYC tonight





Rosie Holland Workshop 26-28th May PLEASE NOTE A SLIGHT CHANGE TO START TIMES Friday & Saturday. Registrations open now!

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Rosie Holland is returning to do another workshop 

TYC committee is delighted to welcome Rosie back to run another workshop. This workshop will be suitable  for students who maintain a regular practice. 

       Time frame for workshop:  

Friday May 26th          5.45 pm to 7.30pm

Saturday May 27th      9.15 am to 12.15pm--2pm to 4pm

Sunday May 28th         9.00am to  12pm  

Cost of workshop = $190

Please see attached flier for all details    

Please email info@taurangayoga.org.nz to reserve your place OR  if you have any questions . OR

 Call 022 350 3891

Payment can be made online to TYC. Acc no: 38 9004 0616591 ref: RosieH



Easter Classes at TYC

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Good Friday -14/4/17- NO CLASSES

Easter Saturday -15/4/27 –CLASSES ARE ON

Easter Sunday- 16/4/17- CLASSES ARE ON

Easter Monday- 17/4/17-NO CLASSES

Namaste -TYC Committee

TYC TERM & CASUAL CLASS FEE INCREASE:-Effective from 10 April 2017

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TYC Term & Casual Fee INCREASE effective from 10 April to December 17, 2017 

At the TYC AGM 29/3/17-the  following fee increases were approved.  

The Term Two fee is $80 per 12 x week term
The Casual class fee is $15 per class
Namaste TYC Committee



Yin Yoga Workshop with Sue Furey this Saturday 18.March -1.30-4pm

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There are still some spaces left for this Saturdays Yin yoga workshop.

Time: 1. 30 to 4pm 
Cost:  $30 pp

  • Yin poses are primarily those that work on the body areas above the knees and below the naval
  • They can assist you to stretch the fascia tissue(connective tissue) by holding primarily static poses for a longer period.
  • In Yin the breath becomes your barometer -guiding you deeper into a pose by softening and yielding. 
  • This affords a deeper stretch & can help you to unlock some of those very tight areas.
  • This workshop is suitable for both begginer & more experienced yoga practitioners
  • (see flier for more details and the registration & payment process) and please email or call if you have any questions 






Yin workshps sue 17 (1).pdf

2017 AGM - NEXT WEDNESDAY March 29th at 7.15pm

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Wednesday March 29th 2017, at 7.15pm.
Agenda Items
1. Welcome Curly West
2. Apologies Brigid Macalister
3. Minutes of the previous meeting Brigid Macalister
4. Matters Arising Brigid Macalister
Correspondence in Sue Furey
6. Correspondence out Sue Furey
7. Financial Report Louise Thompson &
Sue Furey
8. President’s Report Curly West
9. Election of TYC Committee Officers Curly West
10. Newly elected TYC Committee Members Curly West
11. Existing TYC Committee Members Returning
Curly West
12. TYC Executive Members Curly West
13. Membership fees and wages
Sue Furey & Louise
14. TYC Survey Monkey report Duncan Catanach
& Pic Robertshawe
14. General business All
All members welcome and refreshments will be served

Please find the 2017 AGM agenda attached 

NB. Due to the AGM being held on 29/3/17, Curlys 7.15pm class will NOT be held. 

2017 AGM agenda -1- (1).pdf
If  you are interested in becoming a committee member and have any questions about the role or process please email:- info@taurangayoga.org.nz or call 022 350 3891 



TYC Committee


2017 AGM agenda -1- (1).pdf

Lance Schler Impromptu Workshop 28 January 3.15- 5.30pm

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Lance Shuler will be doing an impromptu workshop at TYC on SATURDAY 28 January. 

Time:3.15 to 5.30pm

Cost: $40  

No need to book just pay online to TYC -L.Sch

38 9004 0616591 00

or pay cash on the day.


TYC Committee



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