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SPRING 'YIN YOGA' workshop @TYC: 3 September 1.00 to 4.00pm

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 Spring is nearly here!

Join Sue Furey in a Yin workshop to help detoxify and re-energise the body/mind:

Saturday 3rd September -1.00 to 4.00pm for just $25

Suitable for Yogis of all levels. People are finding Yin is great if you have a recent or long term injury. 

Yin is designed to help you to find, explore & sit in the quiet, cool depth of each asana (tha) -not to force or strive -just to be

You use the breath alone to release the deep connective tissue layers within your body. You will feel calmer & yin can help to unlock areas in the body/mind that may feel stuck.

Please see the attached flier for more information and registration details . If you wish to pay online
Its  $25 to 38 9004 0840024 00 (yin)
YIN.SUE.sept16 (1).pdf

YIN YOGA WORKSHOP July 30th. 1-4pm @ TYC with Di Johnston

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Di is a yoga teacher and Shiatsu Practioner from Te Awamtutu. She will combine her knowledge & eperience of yoga & shaitsu during this workshop on July 30th @ TYC

Please see the attached flier for registration and other details:


Yin Yoga Workshop July 16.2.pdf

TYC raffle drawn 1/7/16

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The two raffles were drawn on Friday and committee are delighted to announce the winners. Congratulations !

Raffle one: Aquila Rakoia

Raffle two: Wendy Eustice 


Thank you to all who took part. 


Tauranga Yoga Centre -2016 Winter Newsletter

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Please find the Winter newsletter attached 


TYC committee


TYC Winter Newsletter 2016 Word Versionfinal.pdf

Yin Yoga Workshop @ TYC 9th July 2.-4.30pm with Sue Furey

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Compliment your yoga practice with a Yin workshop.
 Yin yoga is a quiet and simple practice, which encourages us to soften
and explore the sensations of the stretch/tension over a sustained period (4
to 5 mins) using the breath. We learn to be in the pose rather than striving to
achieve the pose.
 Yin yoga works deeply into our body. It targets the deepest tissues of the
body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the
deep fascia networks of the body — rather than the muscles.
 Yin yoga teaches us about ‘our unique’ anatomy. Why does the pose feel
different on this side? Why do I feel stuck?-this could be due to your bones
rather than ‘tight muscles or tendons’.
 This workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced yogis.
TIME: 2pm to 4.30pm
WHERE: Tauranga Yoga Centre -173 Elizabeth St West
COST: $25
Any questions or inquiries please call Sue on 0223503891
Please register by emailing Sue at: fureys@kinect.co.nz . You can pay on the
day or online to Acc. No 38 9004 0840024-00


Hatha Yoga  refers to a series of physical asanas (or postures), combined with breath, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones and to open the  main channels of the body.

Hatha can also be translated as - ha meaning “sun” & "tha"  meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine (Yang) aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine (Yin) aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us. It is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites ie. Yin and Yang. 

A Yin workshop is designed to help you to find, explore & sit in the quiet, cool depth of each asana (tha) -not to force or strive -but to learn to be, and use the breath alone to release the deep connective tissue layers within your body. This leads to a very deep meditative practice helping to calm the mind and can help to unlock some of the areas in the body/mind that feel ''stuck".

Please see the attached flier .

yin yoga workshop2.7.16 (3).pdf

Term 3 begins June 27th. The the term fee is $70 and casual fee is $10

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Term 3 begins on Monday 27/6. Remember to pay next week-to recieve your membership number. 

The term fee remains $70 for a 12 x week period and the casual fee is $10 per class -



TYC committee



Pragyadhara's 'Home Practice Intensive'- is on this Saturday 25/6/16. 11-3pm

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Join Pragyadhara on 25/6/16 for a

Winter Home Practice Intensive


@TYC 173 Elizabeth st West

Cost $45.

See flier for more information

• For payment and registration: pragyadhara@gmail.com






home practice intensive - Tauranga.pdf

A members black Yoga Mat has gone walkabout!!

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Missing from TYC between Mon & Wed evening- is a members new black mat.

It's known as the 'mat'. It was in the kitchen area on the top shelf above the fridge. If you borrowed this mat and fogot to return it, can you please return it ASAP.

Our mats are a 'sacred space' for our personal practice -so please respect this and do not help yourself to someone else's mat. The mats in the kitchen area belong to individual members and are not for 'borrowing.'

If you attend a class and forget your mat or you do not own one, please ask the Teacher for a hire mat to use for the class. 

Thanks very mcuh 



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