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Tauranga continues to thrive and grow in every direction. Our once quiet cul-de-sac now neighbours a main access expressway and change appears the only constant in our region. Our social environment is also subject to constant change, as are the needs of our yoga community.

Looking to the future, the TYC surveyed members in 2017 to establish what was valued about the centre as it stands, what changes people wanted to see, and to canvas for ideas to meet future needs. There was a fantastic response to the survey. A big thank to the hundreds of you that responded so thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

Careful collation and evaluation of survey results and a S.W.O.T. analysis, led a steering committee to look at some future options for the centre. Investigations led to the option of working with the resources we already have, while bearing in mind that whatever we do would be transferrable to another site in the future- if it came to that.


Geotechnical Assessment was carried out in January 2018 which established that the land TYC leases from TCC is suitable for potential re-development – for e.g. works that include re-piling, lifting, repositioning, and adding onto the existing building. This information was presented at the TYC AGM March this year.


We need some assistance from within our community to take the next step toward developing some clear ideas into a detailed and inspired vision. Fundraising will be a big part of this project. A lot of voluntary work and some paid professional services are also part of the plan.


We need people with experience in building/project management /development. This would likely be some people who have architectural design skills and experience and knowledge to bring the design to fruition. In the practical sense it is not a highly technical project.

  • Geotech engineer - Thanks Kerry.
  • Design drawings/ Architect.
  • Structural engineer
  • Concept drawings
  • Budget
  • Project timeline and schedule 

And down the track we’ll be needing

  • Fundraising
  • Practical Building skills and a WILLING COMMUNITY
  • Community liaison/communication

 If you feel that you or someone near you, have skills which would help us in this exciting and rewarding undertaking, then please make yourself known to Sue Furey our Operations Manager on info@taurangayoga.org.nz or 0223503891



PROJECT UPDATE-converted.pdf

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