TYC Term 3 -begins Monday 3 July....The term fee is $80

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Please remember to pay your fees promptly.

Make sure your mobile phone is off-when you enter the centre-better still -leave it in the car !

If paying online -bring proof of the payment with you to your first class to show your Teacher; OR --pay by cash or cheque at the centre.

Out of respect for your Teacher, your fellow students and your own practice -please try to arrive early for the class and park with

 care & awareness. 


TYC  Committee

Class Cancellation Notice: 10th July- 10am class only

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On the 10th of July- committee has organised for new insulation to be fitted into the ceiling at TYC. 
In order for this to occur -we are cancelling the 10am class on this day. 

The 1pm class and all others will be on as per usual

Thanks for your co-operation and enjoy the extra warmth at TYC !


TYC Committee


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The parking around TYC is often a bit challenging & this week it will be even more so with an Art exhibition being held in the hall opposite the centre.

Please park with awareness & consideration for others & with awareness of the spaces between cars. Please be patient and double park in front of TYC. 

And we encourage you not to attempt to turn right as you exit Elizabeth St West & move to the left side of the road so you allow space for those turning into Elizabeth St.(Particularly between 7am & 7pm)

Thank you . We appreciate your consideration  


TYC Committee


Yoga classes at TYC on the Queens Birthday 5/6/17

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The only class that will NOT be on on 5th June -the Queens Birthday is:

1 to 2.30pm

All the other classes are on as per usual 




namaste TYC committee

Please note some classes are cancelled at TYC from Friday 26th

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To facilitate holding the 10 hr Rosie Holland Workshop-the following classes will NOT be on:


Friday May 26th ;        5.30pm Astanga

Saturday May 27th;    9.15am Beginners

Sunday May 28th;       9.00am General

Thank you; Namaste TYC committee    

Thank you 


TYC committee

Just 3 days until the next Yin Yoga Workshop @ TYC

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 Yin Workshops @ TYC 

Sue Furey

 Saturday May 6th-1.00 to 3.30 pm

Cost: $30 per class 

Yin yoga can assist you to open up & breathe well as you deepen into some of the areas in the body that feel consistently ‘tight and stuck’.

Because Yin poses are primarily static & held for longer periods than asana in a normal hatha yoga class, you can really feel the stretch & sensations that arise & YOU can learn to  control how deeply you go into the sensation of that stretch.

 (Fasciae are similar to ligaments and tendons in as much as they have collagen as their major component. However they differ in their location and function; ligaments join one bone to another bone, tendons join muscle & fasciae surround muscles or other structures.)

If you have any  queries or want to resigter email Sue:  fureys@kinect.co.nz

For online payment Account no is: 38-9004-0840024-00- or pay on the day


Due to weather BOTH Thursday evening classes are cancelled

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NO classes at TYC tonight





Easter Classes at TYC

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Good Friday -14/4/17- NO CLASSES

Easter Saturday -15/4/27 –CLASSES ARE ON

Easter Sunday- 16/4/17- CLASSES ARE ON

Easter Monday- 17/4/17-NO CLASSES

Namaste -TYC Committee