SPRING 'YIN YOGA' workshop @TYC: 3 September 1.00 to 4.00pm

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Only 3 days to go !

Spring Yin Yoga workshop!

Join Sue Furey -treat yourself and re-energise the body/mind:

Saturday 3rd September -1.00 to 4.00pm for just $25

Suitable for Yogis of all levels. People are finding Yin is great if you have a recent or long term injury. 

Yin is designed to help you to find, explore & sit in the quiet, cool depth of each asana (tha) -not to force or strive -just to be

You use the breath alone to release the deep connective tissue layers within your body. You will feel calmer & yin can help to unlock areas in the body/mind that may feel stuck.

Please see the attached flier for more information and registration details . If you wish to pay online
Its  $25 to 38 9004 0840024 00 (yin)
YIN.SUE.sept16 (1).pdf

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