Spring 'YIN YOGA' workshop: A few spots left for 9 September 1-3.30pm-

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Lets bring some 'Spring' & ease into our practice & increase the energy levels.  

Just 5 places left for Saturday 9th  September: 1-3.30pm
Cost:  $35 

In this workshop we will play a little & explore taking some poses from a 'Yin' approach to a 'Yang' process
This =Balance ='Hatha Yoga" 

By altering the way you approach a pose –you can improve the range of motion & your awareness of your body in any pose. 

Yoga is not about perfection. It’s about coming to the mat one day at a time to learn more about yourself & train the mind to focus-& to enjoy the journey  

 To register or if you have questions please Contact Sue on:- fureys@kinect.co.nz

If paying on-line -please pay to :38 9004 0840024 00 






Sue Furey Spring Time Workshop September 2017.1.pdf

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