Special Event - An Evening with Prem Prayojan Dasa

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Accomplished bhakti-yoga practitioner, Prem Prayojan Dasa, is coming to New Zealand sharing his knowledge subjects related to yoga, such as all the esoteric sciences, spirituality, consciousness and Indology.

Prem Prayojan is becoming a renowned teacher and speaker in many countries, since he presents in a very attractive, congenial and lucid way. He is also an expert kirtaniya.

Tauranga Yoga Centre have had the offer of hosting Prem for the night of Friday May 11th from 7pm to 10pm.

Prem will talk about the following:

* Astanga Yoga + Bhakti Yoga - in comparison and contrast

* Transformative Power of the Puranas (Indian Mythology)

* Vedanta - Beyond Mythology, Idolatry and Psychology

The evening will include kirtan and light refreshments.

Gold coin entry.

We look forward to seeing you at this unique opportunity.

Tauranga Yoga Centre

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