Parking At TYC.

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With the ongoing increase in numbers attending classes at TYC and the limited car parking we have, the Committee and Teachers ask that care and consideration is taken when parking around the TYC building OR in other organisations carparks.

When parking around TYC,please park straight and two deep in front of the building; on the side of the building-park diagonally and as close as possbile to the next car.

Do not park in front of the 'Arts Soicety' building at any time before 7.15pm.(They willl be doing some night classes this term, so please be observant and considerate)

If there is no activity in the buildings opposite TYC and the one on the corner-then you may park there.

When exiting Elizabeth St West, Please turn left  during business hours particularly and move to the left of the road when you are exiting, to allow for cars turing left into Elizabeth St West to enter safely.  

Thank you for your attention and consideration re this matter.

TYC committee. 

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