New to Yoga?

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New to Yoga?

Tauranga Yoga Centre has a Beginners Introduction class starting in 2012 on Monday nights from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, starting on January 16th.

The intention of this course is to allow new students to explore their first steps on their yoga journey.

This course will allow more depth in practice to those with some experience with yoga.

During the 12 weeks term we will cover Asana (yoga posture) practice with attention to safety and personal growth for the student.

Basic Pranayama (breathing) techniques will be explained and practiced as well as their benefits and purpose in yoga Asana practice.

During each class there will be time set for discussion, explanation, yoga history and feedback.

I would like to encourage students to be present for the whole 12 weeks of the term, so we can grow, learn and practice together as a team.

I sincerely hope you can take this challenge with me,


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