Missing TYC Library Books

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Please check your homes and return any books you have borrowed. Please return all library books before the holidays so they can all be checked.

It is important to write your name and phone number in the book and have a Teacher witness it out and in -- so that all books are available for everyone.

21 Yoga Week by Week

50 The Yogi and the Commissar

65 At the Master’s Feet Meditations

99 Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

118 Holistic Health and Living Yoga

121 The Bagavad Gita

125 Yoga Mind and Body

127 Yoga the Iyengar Way

128 Yoga the Iyengar Way

135 Relax and Renew by Judith Lester

137 Relax and Renew by Judith Lester

149 The Ayurvedic Cookbook

152 Classic Yoga by Vamla Lalavani

153 Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi

154 Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi

155 Yoga mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi

156 The Breathing Book Donna Farhi

161 The Complete Floral Healer

162 Hatha Yoga – An Advanced Method of Physical Education and Concentration

163 How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta

165 Like a Fish in Water Yoga for Children 5 Years and Over

167 Relaxations

170 Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga

183 Asana Pranayama Mudra Bunda

179 Your Back Yoga and You

184 Yoga The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Donna Farhi

187 The Ending of Time

188 Yoga the Iyengar Way

189 The Book of Yoga Complete Step by Step Guide

190 BKS Iyenga

191 The Art of Yoga BKS Iyengar

192 Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar

193 Iyenga International Women’s Intensive Notes

198 Yoga by Cheryl Issacson

201 Yoga the Iyengar Way

203 Iyenga International Womens’ Intensive Course Notes

207 Ageless Body Timeless Mind

221 Inspya Yoga Asana Manual

Please check your shelves and return ASAP 
Thank you
The Tauranga Yoga Centre

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