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Thursday 6.00am self practice session


Have you been practising yoga for a while?

Would you like to:

  • build confidence in carrying out your own practice?
  • join others for a regular early morning yoga practice?
  • drop in for a yoga practice on your way to work?

Between 6.00 and 7:30am every Thursday the Tauranga Yoga Centre is open to members for their own practice. It doesn't matter what type of yoga you are into - all are welcome. You can come and go at anytime between 6.00 and 7:30am. There will not be a teacher present so members will need to go with their own flow.

See you there.



Children’s Yoga Class


Our first children’s yoga class begins 15 August with Karen. The class is for children 8 years and over and will be held for 6 weeks on Mondays from 3.45 – 4.45pm.  Fee $35.00 for 6 sessions.






Some of the Tauranga Yoga Centre neighbours have complained about our members using their carparks. When you come to yoga please use our carpark only. Do not use the carparks for the Society of Artists, the Arts and Crafts Centre or the Community Centre across the road. Please park considerately in our carpark and double up if we are full. Everyone departs at the same time so there is no problem if you find you need to park behind another vehicle. Thank you.





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