Last Yin class with Sue in 2017 is: 2 December 1 to 3.30pm

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Yin workshop
Saturday 2nd December
Time: 1-3.30 pm 
Cost: $35

Let’s play a little & explore some poses in a quiet ‘Yin’ manner.
Yin assists us to sustain a deep stretch into the fascia tissue and to breathe well. This stimulates the parasympathetic system–which is our ‘rest and digest’ response.

"To a yogi, the body is a laboratory for life, a field of experimentation & perpetual research."

—B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life


To register please email Pre pay to account no: 38 9004 0840024 00

Yin w.shp s furey.2.12.17.pdf

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