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Welcome back everyone!  We hope you have had a peaceful and happy holiday season.

A few things to note at the centre - we have a new ropes wall!  Some pics of the instructors working with these are on the website photo gallery so you can see what's in store!

There is still some work being done around the centre at present, mainly painting so please bear with us while we tidy up the last few bits and pieces.

Lance Schuler 3 Hour Workshop - Saturday 16 March

Tauranga Yoga Centre is extremely excited to be hosting Lance Schuler for a 3 hour workshop in March - a great opportunity for all levels of experience.

“Explore the Theory, Practice and Transformation of Asana Sequencing”

Course content:

Abdominals, Standing Postures and Surya Namaskar
These postures are in many ways the perfect microcosm of the practice as a whole.
Develop and deepen connection to these uplifting and powerful sequences. Learn how to break them down into recurring themes of breath and alignment.

Hip opening and pelvic stability
Discover the importance of alignment. Enhance pelvic stability and “unlock” the hips, helping to free the inner self so the spine is vibrant, the mind clear and the heart spacious.

Chest/Shoulder and Upper Body Postures
Following a systematic sequence of postural integration techniques, cultivate upper body strength and mobility, creating a sense of empowerment, resilience and devotion.

Inversions and Back Bending postures
Discover the transformative and powerful nature of inversions and back bending postures. These postures sequenced safely provide the student the ability to develop a confident and enthusiastic approach to their practice.

Lateral/twists Forward Bending Postures
Experience the subtle yet potent effects of stimulating and nurturing the spinal column and central nervous system. By sequencing these postures effectively and creatively, one invites the opportunity of deep and inner perspectives.

Registration is essential.  Please see the attached flyer for registration details and for more information on Lance Schuler.

Best wishes to you all,

Tauranga Yoga Centre


10 years, 8 months ago
Hi, I'd like to attend Lance's workshop but couldn't find the registration form.. Can you help me out?
10 years, 8 months ago
I would also like to book for Lance's w/shop but unsure where attachment is...

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