TYC Members! Two Important dates to put in your diary's are: 28th November and 13 December

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On Saturday 28th November all TYC members are invited to join our Executive Committee; Committee members & Teachers in a pot luck dinner at TYC.

Arrival time will be 7pm.

Food to be vegetarian or vegan please: TYC will provide tea/coffee/juice.


On the 13th December -the last Sunday of Term 4, we will have our annual cleaning bee at TYC.

Time: 10.45am-1.30ish

Please bring buckets clothes; window cleaning equipment and  a water blaster would be good if anyone has one.     

Some folk help out by taking bolster covers and/or blankets/straps home to wash and this is always very much appreciated.

Thanks very much 

TYC committee



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