Yin Yoga Workshop --Nov 5th 2016 -1 to.3.30pm

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There are still a few spaces available if you would like to try a Yin class

When we feel stiff and inflexible, we often assume that what is restricting us is our muscles: they have become short and stiff.  Sometimes this is true, but often the cause of lack of mobility is found in our connective tissues-the fascia & Yin is a great way to deleve in deep --to discover where this may be happening in your major joints.

Yoga in general is a great way to keep ALL the body and the  mind flexible  .

Saturday 5 November

Time: 1-3.30pm

Cost:  $25

Suitable for beginner and more advanced students 

Please see flier for registration details 

Yin x 2 w.shps oct nov.pdf

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