To All Yoga students. Please give the following your attention. Namaste.

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Please be respectul of your Teacher and you fellow students by giving yourself the time needed to arrive at class 'before' it begins.

Yoga is a discipline and a component of this discipline is to ensure you are on your mat and ready to start your class prior to start time. This habit allows time for mind, breath and body to settle and 'yoke' together in order to carry out the Teachers instructions to the best of your ability and for the most benefit.

 It would also be appreciated if all mobile phones are turned off when entering the centre and personal items -clothes, bags and water bottles can be left in the changing rooms or on the kitchen bench, if it is not a busy class. (If there is a finite need for you to have your phone on -please discuss this with your Teacher before the class begins)     

Thanks very much for your consideration

TYC Committee  

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