TYC Etiquette Reminder ! Are you Often late for class?

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As we move into Term 3 -lets pay a little attention to TYC Etiquette!

  • Arrive early – Yoga is a time to honour your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Don’t short-change yourself by showing up late. Out of respect for your instructor and your fellow students, arrive a few minutes early and get settled. And remember, if your class is popular numbers may be limited for safety reasons.
  •  Enjoy every moment - Please stay for the full length of your class and if this is not possible, please let the teacher know before class.
  •  Choose the right class for you - A beginner class is for people new to yoga, less regular practitioners, those looking for a more gentle practice or returning after a period away from practice or after an injury/illness. A general class is for people with at least one year’s experience who practice regularly.

  • There are a lot of us sharing this unique space.  If we all do our best to observe & respect these guidelines --the Teacher is happy and everyone's practice benefits


    TYC Committee


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