2017 AGM - NEXT WEDNESDAY March 29th at 7.15pm

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Wednesday March 29th 2017, at 7.15pm.
Agenda Items
1. Welcome Curly West
2. Apologies Brigid Macalister
3. Minutes of the previous meeting Brigid Macalister
4. Matters Arising Brigid Macalister
Correspondence in Sue Furey
6. Correspondence out Sue Furey
7. Financial Report Louise Thompson &
Sue Furey
8. President’s Report Curly West
9. Election of TYC Committee Officers Curly West
10. Newly elected TYC Committee Members Curly West
11. Existing TYC Committee Members Returning
Curly West
12. TYC Executive Members Curly West
13. Membership fees and wages
Sue Furey & Louise
14. TYC Survey Monkey report Duncan Catanach
& Pic Robertshawe
14. General business All
All members welcome and refreshments will be served

Please find the 2017 AGM agenda attached 

NB. Due to the AGM being held on 29/3/17, Curlys 7.15pm class will NOT be held. 

2017 AGM agenda -1- (1).pdf
If  you are interested in becoming a committee member and have any questions about the role or process please email:- info@taurangayoga.org.nz or call 022 350 3891 



TYC Committee


2017 AGM agenda -1- (1).pdf

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