Tauranga Yoga Centres AGM - Monday 26th November

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Tauranga Yoga Centre 2012 AGM

 Monday 26th November, 7pm


Day: Sunday, 26th November

Time: 7pm

Venue: Tauranga Yoga Centre



Meeting followed by light refreshments

The Tauranga Yoga Centre is a not-for-profit organisation 'owned' by its members.  Please come along and hear about the year past and with your ideas for 2013 and the future.

The Tauranga Yoga Centre


Pip Simpkin
10 years, 10 months ago
I have recently discovered Ana's Beginner Ashtanga class on Fridays. I believe that this class will not be repeated next year because another class will be held at this time. Could some thought be given to another time slot for this class? I have always wanted to practice Ashtanga, but have never been good enough to attend a full class. This class is very challenging for me, but I feel I can participate. I tried the Sunday Seminar recently, which merely reinforced that I was not capable to cope in an Ashtanga class. Perhaps Helen could offer a beginners' basic course if Ana is unable to take one
10 years, 10 months ago
The seminar with Devayamaya on Sunday was not advertised on email. Is there a reason for this? Could all events at centre have some mention in email sent to those on Tauranga Yoga Centre email list. Luckily, through word of mouth, 22 people attended this wonderful afternoon which covered chanting, singing, yoga postures and yoga nidra, mandela drawing and chakra meditation as well as satsang on vishuddi chakra, the chakra of openness, joy, compassion. Om shanti.

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